Friday, April 17, 2015


Have you ever just sat and really thought about your life? The people in it? The job/career you have? The thing that you choose to do? Where you want to go? Where you have been? Who your helping? 

As a blogger, I tend to get caught up in the lives of other bloggers, even the people I see on a day to day basis; I see and hear the things they share, and wonder about the things they don't. 

Today people get caught up in the day to day; they spend money they don't have, they work in a place that won't take them places, they spend time with people who just really don't mesh with them, and in the end they just aren't happy. 

We spend something every day of our lives, whether it be money, time, energy, or even opinions but we don't always think about our most valuable coin, life. 

Our lives are the most treasured, valuable, expensive coins we have and we can only use it one time, once your life is over its don't get to spend it again; be careful of how you spend your days, what you say, and whom you surround yourself with; make sure whatever you choose really makes you happy; the kind of happy you will want to do all over again

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  1. Great post Kristen! I didn't work out what made me happy until what DIDN'T make me happy had already had a devastating effect on my health. These are wise words and I hope they help someone make a change in time to make a difference. xx


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