Wednesday, April 08, 2015

put a little | SPRING | in your step

Spring has finally decided to fully show her pretty face around here, and with the warmth outside and all the birds coming back it has my mind thinking about all the things to do this season. Its easy to get stuck in the winter mode of "slow life" these days but Spring is one of the most beautiful and liveliest seasons of all...and here's a list to help you get moving and enjoying the season!

  1. Break out some fun colors of nail polish; nails are an accessory after all
  2. Make some smoothies for breakfast or a snack
  3. Fresh fruit and veggies anyone?!
  4. Buy one or five spring dresses
  5. Dust off those sandals
  6. Whip out the messy buns and braids
  7. Less is more when it comes to makeup
  8. Speaking of makeup, try peaches and bright pinks
  9. Air out your house, fresh air is always a mood booster
  10. Switch out your scents e.g. perfume, body mists, lotions, candles
  11. Go for a hike, seriously you will find that you actually love it
  12. Visit your states website and see what events are listed and GO!
  13. Check out a music festival
  14. Speaking of music festivals, check out Music Festival Junkies and read who is playing at what festival and add them to your music playlist
  15. Go to new restaurants and venture from your regular meal item
  16. Go for a walk/run everyday, it will help clear your mind
  17. Take lots of pictures of your ventures
  18. Instead of one massive trip somewhere, why not take a few small weekend trips instead, and visit places around your area
  19. Visit museums
  20. Go ahead and start up the grill
  21. Speaking of the grill, try new versions of your favorite classic food e.g. burgers and hotdogs
  22. Have game/movie nights with your friends
  23. Go ahead and pull out the s'mores; its never too early for s'mores!
  24. Invest in some flowers
  25. Focus on yourself more, the holidays are over for a while so take some time away for yourself!
What else would you add to the list?

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