Friday, May 15, 2015

FRI.YAY | Currently I'am

//Reading// Some new blogs I stumbled upon

//Pondering// What to make for dinner

//Singing// House Party by Sam Hunt

//Serving// God

//Listening// Sam Hunt's Montevallo Album

//Planning// Summer Vacation for my kids; our Summer starts in one week

//Giving// my time to my family and life itself; hence the slowness around here

//Feeling// overwhelmed with thoughts, its the end of a school year and a lot is changing for my not so little babies...

//Strengthening// myself; I started the gym a month ago and have really enjoyed that hour of time by myself during the work week.

//Loving// The time I get with my husband; he works odd hours and so our time is flip flopped all the time and I am so happy to get some extra time with him even if we are just watching movies...

//Writing// Upcoming posts for the blog

//Wanting// Some new perfume

//Reviewing// a few things for the upcoming blog posts I mentioned up there

//Eating// Snyder's Delights White Creme Mini Pretzels 

//Drinking// 3 parts Pomegranate Tea with 1 part Blueberry Lemonade

//Watching// Bones

//Excited For// Summer; I am happy that I get to not have a routine or schedule and that I get some extra time with my loves before a new school year starts.

//Thankful For// My life, although at times its hectic I wouldn't ask for a different one

//Praying For// Guidance 

Have a great weekend!

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