Monday, June 08, 2015

// 25 Things You Don't Know About Me Yet //

You always think you know a person and then something happens and you question yourself and knowledge of this human being; So, here are some things you might not know about me these days.

  1. I am horribly terrified of spiders, to the point if I see one I will get sick from the fear. 
  2. I am also horribly afraid of cliffs; especially ones where there is no guard rail.
  3. I will never eat fish but, I like fishing. 
  4. I am a picky eater when it comes to meats; I will eat chicken and hamburgers but that's about it. 
  5. I used to eat beets out of the jar when I was little.
  6. I have never left the country.
  7. I don't even have a passport. 
  8. I am afraid of the ocean; I will walk the edge but that's far enough.
  9. I hate milk unless its in cereal. 
  10. I don't like ice cream or cake.
  11. I didn't go camping until I was married in my early twenties. 
  12. I ran track in middle school and played soccer in high school. 
  13. Heavy metal rock type music scares me; I don't like the yelling.
  14. I'm a sucker for love stories. 
  15. I hate horror movies.
  16. I am easily scared. 
  17. Magazines are my favorite thing to read. 
  18. I am really ticklish and when being tickled I will say "ouch" instead of laugh.
  19. I have a freckle on my eye lid and another on my toe that I always think are dirt. 
  20. I hate painting my nails.
  21. I love love love makeup.
  22. I have a weakness for hashbrowns. 
  23. I love a good margarita, but hate the taste of alcohol...the fruitier and sweater the better. 
  24. I love playing horse shoes. 
  25. Driving long distances gives me anxiety. 

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