Thursday, June 25, 2015

30 Days of Lists Day #01 | A Few Things About Me

Yesterday I was browsing around trying to gather some topics to get my blogging juices going again; sometimes you just get stumped, even in blogging, and you need some more creative juice flowing; I stumbled upon a post by Reg over at Wedgie Net; while hers is a drawing challenge I decided it would be fun to just take the topics and share here, trust me you don't want to see my stick figure drawings...I will just save your eyes and myself some embarrassment and get started. 

Today's topic is: a few things about me
  • I have dark blonde hair but choose to dye it dark brown because I feel prettier that way
  • Speaking of hair, every time mine grows out I randomly decided to chop it into a pixi
  • I have freckles that I always confuse for mascara dots on my eyes
  • I can play baseball
  • I love sitting by a warm fire with a warm coffee or cold beer, depends on the season
  • I have not ate a donut in 5 years
  • Speaking of donuts, I really want to try some from Dunkin Donuts, I heard they were good
  • Growing up I smashed my hand in a steel door and now my right middle finger nail hurts if its pushed on
  • I loathe nail polish
  • My favorite color is black
  • Speaking of black, have you heard of Orange is the New Black?! I just finished season 3 and I'm OH SO sad that I have to wait a year for season 4
  • I am a big music junkie; I have Googles Play Music and feel like "I have all the music"!
  • I would rather listen to audio books than actually physically read a book
  • I love getting handwritten letters
  • I was a teen mom
  • I love gourmet sandwiches
  • I don't eat fish, any fish
  • Speaking of fish, I am odd about what meats I eat and everything has to be sent to hell burned or I wont eat it
  • I am not a junk food eater, so snacking on things like chips, cake, ice cream is just not my thing
  • I have not seen or been to a beach in 7 years
  • I consider North Carolina "Home" but live 1500 miles away from it
  • Of my parents, I relate more to my mom
  • I learned to cook from my mother in law
  • Target is one of my favorite escapes, I could get lost in there looking at all the shiny things
  • I'm really short, a whole 5'3" and the 3 is pushing it; my husband is a whole foot taller than me
*This post {series} was inspired by Reg over at Wedgie Net

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