Friday, June 26, 2015

30 Days of Lists Day #02 | A Few Things I'm Good At

This post is part of the series "30 Days of Lists Blogged"; inspired by Reg over at Wedgie Net.

Today's Topic: a few things I'm good at
  • Cooking; I learned the basics from my mother in law and self teaching myself through recipes once my now husband and I moved into our first place
  • Makeup; while I am no artist at it, I can do some good makeup
  • English; It was my favorite subject all through school
  • Painting; I learned how to paint furniture from my mom, and so I love to up-cycle junk
  • Making Excuses; I wish I didn't but I can throw an excuse at anything
  • Baseball and Soccer; I was a sporty child
  • Target Practice; the first time I shot a gun I actually hit the target the first time, shocked myself

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