Sunday, June 28, 2015

30 Days of Lists Day #04 | Today's Playlist

This post is part of a series called "30 Days of Lists Blogged"; Inspired by Reg over at Wedgie Net

Today's Topic: today's playlist

I am a subscriber to Google's Play Music; I love the ease of use it offers and the wide variety of stations/artists/etc. I would say I am a die hard Google fan. I have many playlists, ranging in every single genre out there, however, my favorite playlist to listen to are the ones already created by Play Music, they switch them out through the day depending on the time and currently my favorites to listen to are the Brand New Music & Summer Break. I like to Chromecast from my phone onto my TV and just leave music on while I am cleaning or whatnot around the house.

If you would like to try out Google's Play Music, your in luck, they just released a FREE version of their app which you can find in the play-store with a description of what it offers; you can also subscribe to it for around $10 a month, I personally feel that is a better option but you can do whatever fits your budget.

Another good place to find music for your playlist is over at POPSUGAR; they are always making playlists and sharing them on their site, you can just dig through and find some artists you like and put them on your playlist for a workout or just for fun. I have a few workout playlists I have created through their suggestions

*all bold italic is linked to the sources that you may find helpful for some music options; please feel free to click them for lists of suggestions. 

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