Wednesday, June 03, 2015

// I Confess, I'm NOT a Morning Person //

 I confess, I'm NOT a morning person.

I don't like the howling of my alarm, or three.

I don't like having to use any bit of energy I do have at 5am to push the off button on my phone.

I don't like moving and hitting a cold spot in the bed when I am all warm and toasty.

I don't like waking up to darkness.

I don't like getting up and stepping on a life below zero floor so early.

I don't like waiting on the water to warm up to the temperature of hell so I can get in the shower.

I don't like having to flush the toilet knowing that once I do its going to wake up my dog eared boys, they hear sounds for miles that I can't.

I don't like having to hear my deep sleeping, snoring husband getting that extra 2 hours before he has to wake up sleep; pure envy.

I don't like knowing my morning starts at 5am when I don't even go to bed until midnight. Insert another confession, I'm a pure Night Owl.


I do love knowing I get up before everyone else.

I do love watching the sunrise.

I do love having that first sip of coffee rush through my body to warm me up and grant me with a few extra spurts of energy.

I do love sifting through my stuff: e-mails, blogs, flipboard, etc. while everyone else is sleeping.

I do love hearing nature wake up.

I do love the pitter patter of little feet running down the hallway.

I do love morning kisses and hugs from the little humans.

I do love snuggling under a blanket with my teeny human while he asks "You fix me some eat?"

I do love laughing at my husband when he realizes I've tried to wake him up a million times and he is still late leaving for work.

I do love actually getting a hug goodbye before he starts his busy day instead of him just squishing me over yelling bye instead.

I do love how my mornings go, but I'm still NOT a morning person!

Hump Day Confessions via Melissa @ Making Melissa

#HASHTAGHUMPDAY via Laura @ Life With Lolo

I'm linking up with Melissa over at Making Melissa; & Laura over at Life With Lolo for all your hump day confession needs! Have a wonderful Wednesday!


  1. It's a balance. :)

    A love/hate relationship

    I completely agree with everything above. As I am an early riser who rather be in bed, but loves watching the sun rise!

  2. I used to pride myself on being a morning person but it is getting harder and harder. It is so dang difficult to pry myself out of bed in the morning these days!


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