Wednesday, June 10, 2015

I Confess | I'm a Silent Judger

Growing up, my mom always told me "If you don't have anything nice to say then you don't say anything."...I actually listened to her in my youth, and most of my adult life; sometimes I slip up but then feel really guilty about it. However, since taking her words to heart, I now silently judge; I never speak mean to someone, but I will keep it to myself and take a mental note. 

I confess, I'm a silent judger. 

There, its out in the open, you know my secret; I judge peeps silently. 

When I take my kids to the park and another child is sitting in the sandbox diggin' for gold, be sure I am silently judging the parent of said child. I mean come on, if my kid knows to how to use a tissue so should yours, take little Johnny to the bathroom and let him blow his nose; even if you don't have a bathroom I am sure you have a tissue in your bag so just go up and wipe his nose. Nobody wants to play in the booger sandbox.

When I go out to run errands and I see someone in their pajamas, be sure I am silently judging them. I get it, maybe you worked late or something but when you leave your house stop and think about your clothes, your not going out for a nap, your going out in public, people don't need to see tweety bird, elmo, frosty, etc on a grown woman or man; take those few seconds and put some real pants on, I'd rather see yoga pants or even sweat pants. 

When I see a child whose hair looks like a rats nest but mama/papa looks like they just walked the red carpet be sure I am silently judging them. I know we as parents are busy but if you can get up and brush your hair let alone do a full face and heels you can brush your child's hair; it takes a whole 5 minutes and your done.  

When I am in a crowded store and someones child is running all over the place in front of peoples carts and yelling be sure I am silently judging the parent of said child. Those cart seats are for kids you know, your toddler or preschooler does not need to be running into other shoppers, yelling, and getting in the way of carts, its not safe for them; plop them in the cart; if they are too big for the cart then they should know better on how to act in public, take that child to the bathroom for a lesson, I bet a spanking would help them understand how to walk beside their parent.

When I am stopped at a light and look over and the driver or passenger is diggin' for gold, trust me I am silently judging and maybe loudly laughing at said person. This is just funny to me, but seriously the majority of people today have tissues, baby wipes, napkins, etc in their car, use one. Don't sit there and dig for gold while your stopped at a red light, other people can see you! {insert wave}

If I see someone who is wearing circus makeup and by that I mean Mimi Bobeck looking makeup, I am silently judging them. I'm sorry but just NO! Please look in a mirror before leaving, some things are not "cute" and that is one of them, you want to look classy not trashy; how you present yourself actually matters. 

If I go out to eat and can hear another persons conversation two booths down, I am silently judging them. I get the table next to you but that's about it. I don't need to know what Suzy or Aunt Ethel did yesterday or who made so and so mad today, or what bills your late on...etc...Your in public, some things are not public conversation and someone needs to use their indoor voice turned down a notch. Its rude to other customers and your embarrassing yourself in the process. 

I am a silent judger; I will never say anything to these people however I will make a mental note of it for future reference, you know to better my own self; I won't verbally condemn you for anything your doing, but I will tell my husband, my mom, or my sister because they don't count in the whole gossiping thing. 

I'm linking up with Melissa over at Making Melissa for hump day confessions. Be sure to go visit her blog and check out all the other peeps who joined in the fun. Happy Hump Day Ladies and Gents! 

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  1. Ha, I do this too! I think everyone does, to some degree, whether they'll admit it or not. But mom said not to say mean things, so I'll keep it to myself!

    1. Everyone does this, its not nice to always voice our opinions however nobody ever said we couldn't think things to ourselves ;) Thanks for stopping by!


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