Tuesday, June 09, 2015

I Don't Miss | High School Ed.

This past weekend was graduation week in most schools across the country, and like every year it made me think of my own high school experience and you know what, there's a ton of things I miss, but there are some I could have done without. I am sure schools have changed since I graduated some 9 years ago, but a lot hasn't; here is what I could've done without. 

The Cliques // Ok sure you have your close friends or whatever, but whose to say you cant be friends with the "fat" kid, or the skater, or the goth, or the whatever kid that is not part of your little group?! You never know, that person could end up being your best friend later in life. 

The Gossip // gossip ruins reps people, I mean 99% of the time the gossip is not even the truth by the time it gets around. I don't know why its everyone else's business who did what or where or with whom. 

The Fighting // Honestly, why fight over a girl/guy? Most of the time people are bouncing all over anyways to figure out their type. I get it if its a defending thing but just because so and so likes so and so and your dating so and so doesn't mean you need to fight over it; plus its most likely just gossip anyways.

The Diets // Every girl and some guys in high school are on diets; either because they think their little 115 lbs is too much or because they need to get buff for sports. I just don't understand the yo-yo diets; literally just eat healthy and run, heck even throw in weights here and there. 

Popularity Status // This kind of goes back to "cliques" but just because your family is well off, and you wear the fanciest clothes, and your daddy bought you a new ride doesn't mean you are the sh*t. The nicest people I knew in high school were the average people, people who drove cars a few years old and wore clothes from average stores...thing is, most of those so called average people are doing really good in life now and are still the nicest and sweetest people you'll ever meet. 

High School is some of the best years in your life, you can't get it back. Make the most of your experience and never pass up the opportunity to meet someone new and hang out with a different crowd. 


  1. Luckily I didn't see a lot of this because I was a complete nerd, and stayed with my nerdy friends in Marching Band and AP classes, but maybe in that way we were our own clique?! I was always envious of the "pop kids" as we called them though, because their parents let them do whatever they wanted and they seemed so free. Now they're all still in the same town dating or married to the same people and not doing well at all.

    I worry for high school kids today, especially with bullying and the ever-present social media influences.

    1. I never envied anyone, thankfully I was happy with myself to be my own person. I think kids these days have it harder than I did in HS some 9 years ago...I still don't envy those people, most of them are worse off now anyways.

      Social media and bullying have gotten worse these days, society feeds the beast and it always turns on them.


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