Saturday, June 06, 2015

// Summer Television Shows I Can't Wait To See //

I love Summer TV! All my favorite shows happen in the Summer and there a few news on my list to watch too...Here are 5 that I am watching/waiting to watch right NOW!

// Live Free or Die // I love this show! Its basically about people living off the land, it follows 4 different people and they all live differently, its neat to watch. 

// Orange Is The New Black Season 3 // this is on Netflix but it still counts in my book; I love watching this show, the plot is really good, and once you get past all the nakedness its a good show to follow. 

// Tyrant Season 2 // Season 1 was awesome, its really interesting to see how two completely different worlds exist in one family.

// Complications // I've seen a few commercials for this show and it looks SO good; you can read about it over here on IMDB; cannot wait!

// Mr. Robot // This show looks interesting, may not be one I watch fully but I really want to see the premiere. IMDB has the description.

What are you watching this Summer? Recommendations?

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