Friday, June 05, 2015

// Summer Traditions I Want To Pass Along //

Traditions these days are not just for Christmas; we as parents pass things along to our kids each and every day, so there's no surprise that some of us have Summer Traditions too, here are a few things I want to pass along to my kids from my own childhood Summers.

Catching Lightening Bugs | I told my kids that these little bugs have glowy bottoms and they use them to talk to each other, but trying to catch them in a jar is pure fun on a hot summer night...they are neat little bugs to watch.

Going Barefoot | Most kids do this at some point, but growing up in the South I never really wore shoes in the Summer; I loved feeling the grass on my feet and no rock stood a chance. 

Marathon Movies | This is one that I loved to do on the weekends; it seemed that was when all the good movies were on or we would go rent some. My sister and I would watch scary movies and scare ourselves to death for days.

The Sprinkler | When I was little we had a pool but I loved when my grandpa would pull out the sprinkler and let us run threw it in the yard. It was nice to cool off and burn some energy at the same time. 

Frog/Toad Catching | When I was little, lightening bugs were not all we caught, we caught little grass frogs/toads. The fun was all the running around and seeing them jump in the air right by our feet. 

Homemade Ice Cream | I remember my grandma pulling out her ice cream maker after breakfast and by dinner we would have the BEST Banana or Peach ice cream I'd ever tasted; there is nothing in this world that compares to homemade ice cream.

Solving a Mystery | I only had my cousin to play with over the summer, she lived down the street and we would play every single day, we did everything together. We used to pretend we were spy girls and walk through the woods solving a mystery, sometimes our plot was so good it would creep us out and we would run from the woods back to her house before the bad guy would get us...we had huge imaginations.

Hiking | This is more from my husbands childhood, but he is a lover of nature and so are our kids. I love that you can just go "walk" a path and talk to people without technology.

Fireworks | Fireworks were a huge part of my Summer nights. My dad and uncle would go get fireworks around the 4th of July and we would set them off for hours...My cousin and I would sit on the grass or on our grandparents porch and watch them light up the sky.

Girls Night In | I remember having these all the time when I was younger with my mom; we would sit on my moms bed and do each others nails and talk for hours, sometimes she'd come down to my room instead. We talked about everything. It was fun to just sit and eat a snack and learn something or get advice or laugh. This is something I want for my own daughter.

I made some great memories growing up and I want the same for my own kids. Hopefully the memories they do make will cherish forever. What are you passing along this Summer?

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