Monday, June 15, 2015

The Gym In Miles | As Told By Mom

Today was my first day back at the gym in a week or so; I honestly have to say that once I am done I am ok but its the getting through it part that completely sucks. I did 10 miles between a stationary bike and an elliptical and here are my thoughts each mile.

Mile 00

My kids ask why we are going to the gym...I mean seriously, lets just not ask this question every.single.time and mom will just keep her problems to herself. 

Mile 01

I am always eager to get going, it never fails. I look at it like a huge obstacle that I must defeat within an hour.

Mile 02

I usually go to the cinema room; at the time I go there is really nobody there because the morning classes are finishing up and its almost lunch time so I get a good spot where I am alone; however if anyone comes in and disturbs my alone time I am pretty much annoyed; not to mention they are usually stick thin and well I am envious so just no. 

Mile 03

By mile 3 I am usually trying to figure out if I wore the right bra; I hate being busty, those things just get in the way all the time. 

Mile 04

This is where I tend to start thinking about my pre-baby body and wish I had made some major changes once I had kids because I wouldn't be in this spot had I just done it then.

Mile 05

This is where I realize that coffee for breakfast was not the best option on its own; I really should have ate something because now I am starving...

Mile 06

Bathroom break, WHY?!  I am halfway done and yet I realize that drinking a 32 oz bottle of water is just not the best thing considering I now have to pee and cannot feel my legs. 

Mile 07

This is me contemplating going back into the room with all the evil devices to finish my workout, I could run if I could feel my legs but considering I cannot I go ahead and find a chair which is the bike. Why, why didn't I run?

Mile 08

Again wondering why I didn't just stop. I mean come on, I am now 8 miles in and could've crawled away.

Mile 09

The finish line, its there, its really there! 

Mile 10

Once I get home from doing 10 miles this is basically how I feel; everyone can just go take a nap and leave me alone for a good two hours and let me regain feeling in my legs and maybe some motion awareness. 

They gym and I are not besties, we never will be. I go because I get a whole hour to myself during the week and can watch a movie that is not Disney and well what mom would pass that up?! 

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