Thursday, June 18, 2015

The Yes & No of Summer | Parenting

I was reading through my Bloglovin' feed this morning and came across a post written by one of my favorite bloggers Meagan, she blogs over at Because of Jackie; along with her amazing style, she shares little tid-bits of her life. Today she wrote about her Parenting Yes's & No's, regarding what she allows over Summer break for her kids. I thought it was a really neat post and decided to do one myself since all parents are different as well as kids; its neat to see what other parents are allowing over the Summer break from school. Let's get started...

My Yes's:
  • Bedtime Reading; my kids are book worms, they read all the time, they love new books and so we hit our library on Saturdays when their dad is working and grab all sorts of new books; this keeps them mostly quiet at bedtime and I think it may even help them sleep better. 
  • Outside Play; any outside play. I grew up without all the fancy stuff we have today, no phone, no real internet, no tablets, etc...I had to make my own fun, so anytime they can be outside, its allowed. 
  • Sleepovers in the Basement; this one is really fun for them and its really funny to hear them telling stories and laughing together. 
  • Movie Night; I let my kids have a movie night once a week, and its even better when certain channels on TV are doing a marathon like Harry Potter weekend or something. I think my daughter would watch those movies continuously if given the opportunity. 
  • Forts; I let my kids make forts all year but its even better when they make a fort on a rainy day and have popcorn and just hang out and play games together. 
  • Later Bedtime; since they don't actually have to get up in the mornings they are allowed to stay up a little later under the condition they are not arguing or fighting. 
  • Music; they are allowed to play the radio or a music station throughout the day on the TV, its a good form of exercise and they burn some energy.
My No's:
  • Junk Food; I don't allow junk food just because its summer. There are plenty of juicy foods that are much better for them than junk.
  • Continuous TV; this is a big No in my house all year long; just because its summer does not mean this rule changes. My kids are allowed to watch TV before breakfast and after dinner for the most part unless its rainy outside.
  • "I'm Bored"; if my kids say this then they get given a chore to do instead of playing; its a form of whining that really gets under my skin.
  • Constant Friends Over; its ok to have someone over every once in a while, however I don't allow people over every weekend just because its summer. 
  • Special Snacks or Toys; I don't buy my kids special snacks and toys when we go to the store; I don't feel they need that pack of gum or that dollar toy every trip to the store we go on. Plus, if its a toy it will just get tossed to the side anyways in a few days. 
  • Daily Video Games; I am not a huge fan of constant video games; I think there are so many other options for kids these days other than that. I let them play video games only on the weekend for an hour and that's it. M-F is still the same as it is during the school year, its basically an earned activity in our home. 
Summer is fun for everyone, its a time to be together without the stress of school and homework, class activities or school functions; a time to unwind from the year. Kids need to make their own fun and not be so reliant of technology. 

What are your Yes's & No's of Summer? 

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