Thursday, June 04, 2015

// Things To Do Indoors This Summer With Kids //

Summer is such a fun time for kids to be home; minus the million meltdowns you may have, you will make lots of memories. I don't know about where you live, but if its anything like where we do you will have times where being outside is just not an option either due to rain or heat, and well, we all know what that being indoors over Summer hasn't had its moment of glory...that is yet. Here are some things to do indoors this Summer if you must be inside at some point. 

  1. Build Forts; they are endless amounts of fun, from stories to shadow figures, to "indoor" smores you can be sure to make a few memories.
  2. Play Hide In The Dark; basically its indoor hide and seek, turn off the lights, everyone hides, and someone can seek using a flashlight, if you have a small child mom/dad can join in the seeking. My kids love this game and we've played it since they were small. 
  3. Watch old movies with  no words, you can all make up what they are saying and have a few laughs.
  4. Play Board Games; today most games on are electronic devices, so nix those and use the good ole fashioned boxed games instead. 
  5. Choreograph some music; go threw a few songs and see if you can all do the same things in sync together and show mom/dad when they get home.
  6. Put on a few skits; have your kids come up with short skits so show the parents/guests after dinner. 
  7. Reading Hour; pick some chapter books that everyone can agree on and read a chapter or a few a day and let your kids lead a conversation about whats going on in the book, ask questions and such and see how they would handle it today...if your kids are small make a huge pallet in the floor and just read picture books with them.
  8. Make an "indoor museum"; have the kids gather things from around the house and guide you through their museum, I am sure hearing how the lamp was built would be funny.
  9. If your kids like arty things, have everyone sit at the table or around the living room and draw each other making funny poses, then hang them up like in an art gallery for mom/dad/guests to see when they get home/arrive.
  10. Have a Nerf War; these are really fun, especially for boys; there's nothing like hiding only to have little darts shot at you, then give the winner a prize. 
This list is geared towards elementary kids however, with help preschoolers could do a few of them. I hope you have a wonderful and safe Summer both indoors and out!

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