Tuesday, June 02, 2015

// Words For My Younger Self //

Do you ever wish you could go back in time and tell your younger self something or a few things? You know, to save some heartache or warn yourself of someone or to prepare yourself for something that may come down the line?! 

Last night my husband and I watched Hot Tub Time Machine 2, we seen the first one some time ago and he really wanted to watch something funny after his long day at work; for him the movie was funny but for me, while it was funny it also made me think about a few things and how if I could go back in time what would I try to prevent from happening or what would I say to prepare myself for something in the future; and if I really could go back, here are some things I would tell my younger self...

  1. You ma'am do NOT know everything; while you don't act like you do, you believe you do and that my friend is naive, not wise.
  2. You may never use the math they teach in high school to change diapers or bake a cake or even budget your finances, but you will regret never having the graduating experience, so wise up and tell your parents you need that tutor.
  3. The boy that sits beside you in Spanish class has a past just like the rest of us, however one day he is the man you fall deeply in love with so open up and let him love you, it will save you some heartache down the line.
  4. Go to prom with the boy from Spanish class; he will ask, you will want to say no, but GO. It will be a memory you will want later.
  5. Instead of your typical dinner and movie date with that same boy from Spanish class, go to a park, on a hike, anywhere else that is mellow; that is what he likes and there's way more opportunity for talking; basically go somewhere that you can talk so you can get to really know him. He is totally awesome by the way!
  6. Take some risks; find some loop holes in your safe zone. You will be a boy mom so you will need to understand this one day because they are free spirits. 
  7. Don't be the typical teen who waits the year before college, just go, have fun, and get it over with...
  8. After high school, take a road trip, go somewhere you've never been before and just enjoy the Summer. 
  9. Read more, one day this will give you one more thing in common with the spitting image of yourself; she will be beautiful and smart and always have her nose in a book...oh, make sure the entire series of Harry Potter is on that list, you won't regret it. 
  10. Don't lose your love of running; you will really miss it later. 
  11. Make a budget and stick to it; it will make good writing material later and you will learn something I promise.
  12. Explore music, lots of music; and don't be afraid to dance like nobody is watching. 
  13. Don't lose your southern charm just because you move to the desert, it intrigues people. 
  14. When you become a parent, be open to other people's opinions and advice, while you may not use it, it gives you something in common with someone else. 
  15. Talk to your grandparents, ask many questions, it gives you stories later. 
  16. Laugh, often; this may sound crazy but its true; not only will you brighten someone else's day, you will be happier.
  17. Watch the stars and build a fire...this will be one of your biggest loves later on.
  18. Everyone deserves the benefit of the doubt; while you have been hurt before this doesn't mean everyone is out to get you.
  19. Eat healthier; which means to actually eat in your case and to also watch what you eat.
  20. Don't ever be afraid to be you; people either like you or don't but there is only one of you and you deserve to be that person regardless of what others think.
  21. Think before you speak; once words are out, they will never go back in. 
These are in no particular order pertaining to my life, just things I wish I would have known so much sooner in my life. If you could go back in time what would you tell yourself?

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