Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Book Review | Believe: Kids Edition; think, act, be like Jesus | Randy Frazee

Believe: Kids Edition; think, act, and be like Jesus is a book all about the core parts of the Bible written in a way for kids to understand. The book is geared towards the tween ages of 8-12, my daughter is 10 and I think this book is a very good book for around that age, I wouldn’t really suggest it for say my 8 year old son. Within the book you will have the following:

3 big topics that are divided into 10 chapters each focusing on that big topic.
  • The big topics are: What do I believe? What Should I do? Who am I becoming?  

Within the chapters you will get the following:
  • The Keys: Key Question, Key Idea, & Key Verse
  • Think About It
  • Introductions
  • Core Truths
  • Discussion Questions

The book is also written in a way you as a parent can go through the book with your child, if you have an older child they can read it and discuss it with you on their own. There are pictures in the book however none of them are disturbing, everything is very clean.

Overall, I really liked this book; I feel it’s a great book to use to explore deeper within the Bible with a child on their level, something as a parent you can do alongside your child and help them figure it out along the way. I love that its set up as a study type book so you can take your time and really dig in if you want to. I highly suggest this book for parents with tweens, however I would say it fits better around the age of 10; the book would also be good for a church group study, or home group study. The author did a great job laying it out in an understandable way and keeping things to the point while still digging in. 

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