Tuesday, August 25, 2015

101 Things Every Girl Should Know | From the Editors of Faithgirlz & Girls' Life Magazine

Let me start by saying that my daughter is only ten; I chose this book because it seemed like a great book for those girls entering into the tween year’s right before or just starting middle school. The cover of the book has two girls on it that look like they may be in say 7th grade to me which made it stick out even more knowing that my daughter will be in middle school next year.

This book covers some great topics all across the board, however, I do find that its more on the range of later middle or early high school girls; the tips they present here are good, but only the healthy based ones fit into a younger girls lifestyle while the whole book would fit more for a child entering say 9th grade.

The book design is nice, it’s paperback with a neat cover along with bright type. The pages are easy to read and follow; and the book is slim which makes it easy to store.

Overall while I did like the book, I think I will wait and present it to my daughter in her middle school years where I feel it will fit better into our lifestyle and parenting choices. I think this would be a great gift book for a girl, maybe even a book you could do with your daughter and have discussions based on the topic so she knows your view and the rules you have set for her at that point in her life.  

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