Thursday, August 20, 2015

Back to School 2015 | August Catch Up

L-R: Andrew, 3rd Grade; Isaiah, 1st Grade; Gaby, 5th Grade; & Oliver, my pre-preschool; this photo is copyright of blog author, it is not to be copied, used, edited, etc without the blog authors written permission.
Oh my goodness you sweet babes started school for a whole new year on Tuesday! WHY do they have to keep growing?! I mean can time just not slow down a little bit for a mama's heart?!

I have a 5th, 3rd, & 1st grader this year along with a pre-preschooler who is home with me during they day while his older sibs are at school. I just cannot believe it. Both my boys got the teachers they were hoping to get, and my daughter was super stoked that her bestie is in her class this year, I feel for her teacher because I can promise their will be some chatter happening and well I just have to say I warned her about having them so close to each other...

So far, school has been quite smooth for them; we have figured out a doable routine for the mornings; when they get out of the car in the mornings they take off like they are missing something on the blacktop and when picking them up they jump in the car and chatter the whole way home about who did what, ate what, and their friends. Those priceless moments. 

The pre-preschooler of mine, well, we play all day long; he has been in a ramp making phase lately so he takes all sorts of empty boxes from the kitchen or bottles along with books and stacks them up in some sort of fashion and will run his monster truck up them and get all excited. Of course I make a huge deal which makes him even more excited. We also watch Disney Jr, I think I have all those songs down pat until they start running new episodes for Fall. Next week I have decided we are going back to the gym once we drop off the sibs at school; mama needs that hour.

In other news...

I have some upcoming posts in the works for you guys; I have decide to do some reviews for around the house items, movie and series reviews, along with the monthly music roundup I started. I also want to get back into my 5 for Friday posts now that school has started back. Is there anything you would like to see here? If so, please feel free to share, I am always up to hearing your ideas as well; if not, then I shall just wing it.

I hope you have a wonderful day, enjoy the last bits of summer!

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