Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Sorry I'm Not Sorry | Mean Girl Makeover Book 3 | Nancy Rue

"Sorry I’m Not Sorry" is the 3rd book in a trilogy written by Nancy Rue discussing the topic of bullying. When I chose this book to review I didn’t know that is was part of a trilogy, I hadn’t even heard of this book or the previous two before. I honestly thought this was a book written on bullying and how to handle it if you are being bullied. This book is about the person doing the bullying while the first book “So Not Ok” is written from the bystander’s point of view, and “You Can’t Sit with Us” is written from the victims view. I wish I had researched this book a bit before selecting it for review because had I know it was the 3rd book I would have passed since I and my daughter like reading books in order. The author does a great job portraying the bullying aspect as it relates to tweens/teens of today; I like that the series itself has different points of view, since most are all the victims point of view; I also like that the author really shows you the focus of the book, Kylie and how she basically got to be the “Queen of Mean”…I really think this book along with the other two would be fantastic teaching tools for young girls, especially since it’s all about that one topic we all fear, being picked on or bullied. I like that the author chose to share Christian ways to face this problem and help girls see that you don’t have to a bully or a bully’s victim. I would suggest starting with book 1 and working through the series as a group or with your daughter just too really dig in and talk about this issue. Now, I just need to get the other two book for my daughter so she can finish the series out!

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