Friday, September 18, 2015

Best Hiding Places For Moms | Mom Humor

Sometimes moms just need a break, they need a few moments to breathe and not breathe their secret dragon fire breath onto a unknown target; but finding a place to have those moments of time to yourself might be hard in a house full of kids; so here are some suggestions.

The Laundry Room | what kid checks the laundry room for mom? You know, since little fairy people come out at night to take all their socks and stinky stuff anyways they shouldn't have any laundry to be cleaned, so its really the perfect place to hid, no one would expect you there. 

Behind The Shower Curtain in Kids Bathroom | kids hate being clean, my boys took showers last night and immediately ran out the backdoor barefoot and all to play with the do right before bed; see if you just hide in their shower they will never think to look there for fear you might make them get clean.

Under The Bed | like my preschooler says, "Monsters are under the bed", so I doubt they would think to look there. 

The Garage | This one is kinda a no brainer because the garage is for all of dads junk stuff so mom wouldn't go in there for anything. Just go sit on a stool and prop your feet up on the four wheeler, they will never notice.

The Coat Closet | a lot of older homes have these and they are usually just a forgotten place by the door where the kids just toss all their gear from the day and never notice the knob that turns there so you should be able to leave their mess in a heap undisturbed and sneak on in to eat your chocolate in peace. *remember to put your phone on vibrate

Truck Bed | if you own a truck just toss in a blanket and lay down in the back of the truck, nobody will ever notice since its in the garage anyways where dads junk stuff is. *again remember to put your phone on vibrate

Your Closet | If you have a walk-in closet clear out a spot at the back behind all those winter totes and you should have a nice little spot to eat your Ben & Jerry's without little people slobbering in it. 
* Remember to turn your door knob to the reverse so the lock is on the inside to prevent being locked in the closet, and put your phone on vibrate because your mother will call and give you away

These are just for fun suggestions, nothing serious here; its all in the name of safety from dragon fire breath...Happy Friday!

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