Friday, September 25, 2015

Highlights From The Week | Happy Friday!

This week has been a long one; I had a billion and three things to do and now that its finally Friday I just want to curl up with a blanket and hibernate all weekend, whose with me?! 

Here are the highlights from my week...

My daughter came home one day this week and told me that she not only was the only kid in her class to get a 100% on her homework from the night before but that she is the highest high jumper in the whole school #proudmama

I found out a week ago that I am going to be an aunt! My little sister is having her first baby and I am beyond excited; lets cut to the chase here, I cried like a big baby myself while she kept saying hello in the phone, one time in my life I had no words just pure tears of complete joy! 

Fall Happened; self explanatory!

I finished all the laundry yesterday morning and felt like I had just completed a huge race and won! 

I let the man listen to my youngests current favorite song last night and he got a whole 10 seconds in before laughing and declaring it the new song for Friday at work...if your curious its called Tiger in the Jungle by Storybots.

I finally found my favorite Fall creamer the other day at the store and lets just say I am SO happy to have my coffee with southern butter pecan creamer in good!

I found my kids glasses; he had put them on his bookshelf under a blanket and it took a whole 2 days for actually find them. Now to figure out a way to keep them on his face...

I scored an extra 5 hours of sleep between Thursday and Friday; I actually woke up feeling like I had slept some!

What were your highlights this week?

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