Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Hump Day Confessions | Fall Edition | #01


Hump Day Confessions; ahhh, so freeing! The confess-sesh ended for a while but luckily Alanna of Alanna & Company decided it was time to start back up again and now she is hosting it for your mid-week reading get behind that curtain and start 'fessin up those thoughts you keep to yourself.

The Gym Childcare, irritates me | there, I said it. I absolutely cannot stand it when I drop my kid off and they end up crying half way through my work out and instead of just letting them cry it out you "need" me knowing that once I get there my workout it done because little Tommy won't let me leave again...I'm half tempted to complain about who they hire, because I know that if it was someone trained in childcare who has for example worked in a childcare facility and has experience they will not call mom if little Tommy cries, he will cry it out. All I ask for is that hour for myself. What they should do is hire a mom, because she knows why other moms are at the gym!

The Blacklist is really getting under my skin | If you haven't watched this yet please do, its on Netflix; anyways, I have SO many unanswered questions and I am going mad not having the answers. Lucky for me season 3 starts tomorrow!

Kids Music | I have listened to more kids music over the past 2 months than ever before...thanks to my three year old.

I really need to pee | I just keep changing how I'm sitting hoping it will go away but to be honest I doubt it will and so there will be a pause in the near future, thank you coffee!

Bisquick Muffins | I have used 3 different recipes for muffins using Bisquick, just DON'T, it's a waste of your time and Bisquick; they turn out bready and crumble in your hands...Your kids can leave you one heck of trail.

I made 5 Cheese Baked Ziti and felt like a pro chef | yep I made this recipe and let me just say its AMAZING; even the leftovers are fantastic.


The lady at Wal-Mart completely said what I was thinking the other day | I silently told her thank you but really I wanted to hug her but thought that would be really odd so resisted...she was complaining about how the past 3 months of going to Wal-Mart have sucked because they keep changing the location of stuff because they cant make up their minds on the layout and says "I HATE coming to this store, why in the hell did I come here, I can't find anything?!"...I was thinking the same thing while trying to find vitamins...remind me, why does my coffee need to be with the pickles?! 

Christmas Decorations | really? It's not even Halloween yet, we just hit Fall for Pete's sake...why not have peppermint instead of pumpkin then? Maybe we should decorate pumpkins in Christmas decorations instead, and sing carols instead of saying trick or treat...can you imagine?! Someone should do this so I can video it.

My car honks by itself at random times | I just wave or act like it wasn't me; I have no idea why it does this but its funny when it happens, the look on people's faces is priceless...usually I'm sitting in line at my kids school waiting to pick them up and its some mom trying to unload her stroller and get her baby seated...sorry my bad, the car has a mind of its own.

holy crap, I think my kid just peed outside...

yep, he did...

I hope he didn't pee on his shorts or his shoes...{going to check}

ok, we're good; at least my yard is fenced and nobody can see; maybe we should work on the locations of where it's ok to pee since he is actually potty trained now...

My husband wanted to make something from lamb so we bought some, and well I am really debating on being "sick" that night because all I can think about is a baby lamb looking at me with all its little fur fluff...yep, I just can't do it...

Star Wars Binge | we have been watching Star Wars with our kids now that they are older and can watch the movies without jumping around all over the place; I honestly like them, they are really neat movies...nerdy geek comes to mind, guess I could be the cool nerdy geek mom.

Now it's your turn, go on over and link up at Alanna's; while your there have a look around and be sure to check out the other blogs that linked up too! Happy Hump Day Ladies & Gents!


  1. Thanks for linking-up! That is so weird that your car honks at random times. I would be super creeped out. I hear a bunch about Blacklist so maybe when I have some free time on Saturday I'll watch some.

    1. Thank you for hosting it; its always fun! Be sure to grab everything you'll need for 3-4 hours before sitting down to watch Blacklist, it will hook you in the first episode...such a great show! And yea at first I was creeped out by my car but now I just find it funny...


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