Thursday, September 17, 2015

Sorry, Not Sorry | Mom Choices

I love being a mom, its a title I would never give up or trade in; its also one of the hardest things I have ever had to do thus far in my life. With how the world is today, lots of moms like to share their opinions on what you should do as a mom, because it either worked or didn't work for them or because they just think what they say is royal. While I love being a mom, there are some things that I just won't apologize for when it comes to raising my kids. 

Taking Time for Myself | this one I think is the hardest for me, but as the years have went on since I had my first child almost 11 years ago I have finally found that if I take care of myself first I am more apt to be in a better mood and feel good about myself which always helps the kids out...

Early Bedtimes | My kids get up each morning somewhere between 6-7 AM depending on the day; now that school has started back they don't get a "rest" time during the day so they go to be by 7:30 PM each night; I purposely give them an hour to play quietly in their rooms, read, or color before bed...all activities to help them calm down from their hectic days and well I get some things done around the house at that time too or if the man is home I can spend some time with him before we go to bed. 

Continuous Playtime | First I am going to say that I do play with my kids, a lot actually however, I don't continuously play with them. I always allow them time to play alone and use their imaginations to come up with something to do. It helps them grow and allows me time to do other things that need to be done.

Endless Toys | Ever been to the store and seen that screaming child who wants every toy on the shelf and that frazzled mom or dad behind the cart who gives in hoping it will just calm them down so they can get in and out of the store and go on about their day?! I have, seen it a million times. I will say, I hurt for those parents, however, that is a choice you make before even walking into a store. Your kids are not entitled to that new monster truck or video game or movie or what have you; you can just say no and not even go near the toy department. Honestly my kids know that when go to the store I will not be buying them anything; I don't even so much as give them candy each time we go to the store. Kids need to understand that you don't have to purchase something each time you go to store.

Endless TV or Video Games | Lots of parents use the tv for a babysitter, just to occupy that child so they can breathe, I get it; however, I don't allow my kids to play video games during the school week or watch tv between certain hours, and they also have limits on what they are allowed to watch when the tv is on. Kids need to be active rather than sit and watch tv all day. 

Daily Afterschool Activities | I don't want to fill up my own schedule much less my kids schedule with something to do each day afterschool. Lots of parents do, and that is their choice but for our family it just wont work. I don't aspire to be that mom who runs around to dance, karate, swim, football, etc each day of the week for all my kids, I just cant imagine it for 4 kids. 

Saying NO | Like the toys, there are plenty of things my kids would love to get, do, or go but since I don't aspire to spoil them or make them entitled I choose to say NO...and it means NO.

Parenting is to each his own; what works for your family may or may not work for another; however, I wont apologize for my own parenting choices just like I don't expect you to either, don't be too hard on yourself as a mom its a journey that nobody really has the map to.

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