Friday, October 09, 2015

Because It's Friday | A to Z Survey

I recently seen the A to Z Survey on Life in Leggings and thought it looked like something fun to do and share here on my blog; today is the perfect day to share because its FRIDAY!

A: Age | 27 but I think my mind is that of a 70 year old

B: Biggest Fear | The unknown; especially since I became a mom, I am constantly fearing for my kids.

C: Current Time | 6:24AM its too early to be awake, I hate mornings altogether.

D: Drink You Had Last | Coffee, a big ole huge soup cup mind you; hey it has a handle and coffee is my energy drink.

E: Easiest Person To Talk To | My mom, she may not have all the answers but she always listens

F: Favorite Song | I don't have one, I am pretty vast in my music selections and just like it all.

G: Grossest Memory | I have a few but if I had to pick one it would be the time I picked up the wrong can of pepsi on my dresser and took a swig only to realize the one I grabbed was the one I meant to toss and it was all warm and syrupy...or the time I accidentally used my husbands toothbrush, c'mon who can see straight at 5AM running on newborn sleep?!

H: Hometown | I have two because my parents divorced so I grew up in two places, Kings Mountain NC when I lived with my dad and Granite Falls NC when I lived with my mom...

I: In Love With | My husband and kids.

J: Jealous Of | anyone who gets normal sleep; I get mom sleep which really isn't considered sleep.

K: Kindest Person You Know | My kids, they aren't old enough yet to have been tarnished by the world

L: Longest Relationship | In July, Jim and I celebrated our 8 year wedding anniversary but we have been together for 9.

M: Middle Name | Leigh {pronounced Lee NOT Lay}

N: Number of Siblings | 4; I have two brothers and two sisters

O: One Wish | to get a glimpse into the future

P: Person You Spoke To On The Phone Last | Jim; he works odd hours and I wanted to know when he would be home.

Q: Question Your Always Asked | Are you going to have more kids? no No NO...completely done!

R: Reason To Smile | it's FRIDAY

S: Song You Last Sang | Tiger in the Jungle by Storybots, my preschooler loves this song and he demands I sing it with him so we can "share" the song.

T: Time You Woke Up | 5:30AM

U: Underwear Color | Black...nothing fancy today, very adventurous huh?!

V: Vacation Destination | anywhere besides home; no seriously, Jim and I talk about how we cannot wait to travel once our kids are older and life has slowed down some.

W: Worst Habit | Procrastination at bedtime, I seriously need to be like an old person and go to bed at 9PM but I will stay awake until 11 or 12 because I just cant sleep and then only have a 5 hours of sleep at night...sigh

X: X-Rays You've Had | several on my teeth, I have never broken a bone before {knock on wood}

Y: Your Favorite Food | Mexican, Italian, BBQ, a good cheeseburger, or cheesecake...

Z: Zodiac Sign | Aries, explains a lot about my personality

Happy Friday!


  1. The unknown is totally scary...
    Coffee is much needed if you're blogging that early.
    I keep my tooth brush in a different bathroom because I don't ever want that to happen :) haha

    1. Coffee is essential at any time lol (:
      As for the toothbrush, well we have a tiny bathroom, its a 3/4 bathroom (no bathtub) and the only other bathroom in our house is our kids and yea well I would hate for them to use my toothbrush; I think that could possibly be really bad considering they are boys.


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