Thursday, October 01, 2015

Goodnight Manger | Written By Laura Sassi | Illustrated By Jane Chapman | BookLook Review

Goodnight Manger is a children’s book that takes the original birth of Jesus and puts a bedtime spin on it…rather than tell you the story of Jesus’ birth it shows you how hard it is to put a baby to sleep with a lot going on and lots of noise; however the noise makers are the angels, animals, and 3 kings. Mom and Dad get baby to sleep and then something happens that’s wakes up the baby, so it cries and the process repeats a few times; the book is a good book for children 5 and under in my opinion, my preschooler can hold attention while this story is going but my third grader wouldn’t be able to because it’s not written in his age group. The story overall is really short and catchy, the illustrations are beautiful and very colorful; the book is hardcover with glossy pages which makes it a great book for say a nursery or young child’s room, would make a great Christmas gift for soon to be parents. I highly recommend this book!

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