Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Hump Day Confessions | Fall Edition | #02

Welcome to Hump Day Confessions, I'm linking up with Alanna of Alanna & Company to get some things off my chest now that it's the middle of the week but mostly for your reading pleasure.


I finally figured out how to use a hair wand now that its all super old news and people have moved on to other things. 

I'm eating cheese its and trying to figure out why the regular ones taste different than the character stamped ones...

I haven't purchased one makeup item since the L'Oreal La Nude palettes were released in March and I just don't care about a thing that has released lately; my wallet and my husband are thanking me. 

I smacked my elbow into the molding around my sons bedroom door Monday and completely lost feeling in my arm and felt like I was going to vomit; it sounded like I had punched the wall...I think hitting your elbow is a million times worse than stumping a toe. 

I am an adult and still need a nap to survive my day. 

I am an all day anytime of day coffee drinker; if its there I will drink it. 

I hate the taste of alcohol, so if I get a drink and it doesn't taste like some kind of fruit juice I won't drink it...

I don't like eating breakfast, especially eggs. 

I haven't went to the movies since Jump Street 22 was in theaters; mainly because I don't like movie theaters but also because I watch too much of the news. 

My car is so old that it has a cassette/cd player and to listen to music in my car I have a tape that goes into the cassette player and hooks to my phone...I am overly excited about getting a new to me car and getting a nice radio put into it.

I'm beyond tired of skinny jeans; time to buy some flares or something because you know, it's Fall!

I also need to get some long sweaters because, well, CO is COLD people.

HAPPY HUMP DAY LADIES AND GENTS! If your interested in joining the fun of hump day confessions please go over and visit Alanna at Alanna & Company for the how-to and rules. If your new here and like my blog please feel free to follow me elsewhere on social media. 


  1. I never tried the hair wand so you're up on me there! :) & on the flip side -I just got skinny jeans & now flares are in. I cant win at anything :) haha

    1. I has taken me years to master the hair wand, my sister does hair but doesn't live near me to teach me how to do it so I am on my takes a lot of practice. As for jeans, well honestly you should wear what makes you happy, I never follow trends really I'm just in need of new jeans and figure flares will hug me better than skinnies.

  2. I'm super picky about what I eat for breakfast and I used to hate going to breakfast places like ihop because I was the only one that ordered a salad or sandwich instead of breakfast food. Wow, I'm impressed you haven't purchased a makeup thing since March, go you!!

    1. Going out is the only time I eat breakfast, but I usually stick hashbrowns or pancakes...I just don't like eggs. And no makeup purchases, hence no blog posts involving makeup lately lol, maybe something new will catch my eye after Christmas.

  3. Give me a day with a nap, and it's instantly a better day! My latest make-up purchases have been a few Rimmel lip products, and I'm liking them. Provocalips is my new fave product!

    1. I love a good nap (: I typically don't wear lip products because I can't find any that I actually like, I may have to try the provocalips, I've heard a lot about them but just passed them up.

  4. The hair wand was hard for me to master too! I only just got a good one and use it properly since about a month ago! So you're not alone.How cold is it over by you?

    1. The hair wand takes some serious practice to get right...I think I've got it figured out enough to not look cray the weather is 69 but at night it falls to the 30s/40s but what is killer is you'll have a day thats say 90+ then bam the next day is in the 50s with rain. We don't have a long Fall season here either so once Halloween comes we will get snow.


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