Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Hump Day Confessions | Fall Edition | Round #03


Happy Hump Day Peeps! Today I have some confessions to make, so I am linking up with Alanna over at Alanna & CO to spill it all for your reading pleasure. If your interested in linking up, please go visit Alanna's blog for the how-to and rules...Enjoy the confess sesh!

// happens all. the. time. //

// so, instead of actually trying to figure it out, I use another word instead //

// even though I can't spell right texting I will correct your grammar mentally without fail //

// more like trying to get myself gum, chewing it, and listening to my kids ask  "what's that smell?" while trying to hide the fact I have gum...why do I have to share everything?! //

// "mom, you told us to share, so you have to share too, its the nice thing to do!"...CRAP, I did, dang it parenting advice and teaching kids to share with others. //

// so, I give them the flavor I don't like instead; I'm sharing, just not with my favorite, they have no idea, gum is gum is gum to them... //

// this happens only once a month unless your pregnant, and in that case, it happens which I am so thankful that I am done having babies and completely back to the whole once a month thing. To be honest, once your done having babies, there is just no point in having that thing anymore; I mean really what's the point now?! //

// yea, well you see, playing some of your youth playlist for mom and pops is just not gonna do; I am sure their eyes would be as big as saucers and they might start spilling things about raising you; so I just avoid this at all cost when I am around either my parents or the husbands music is much more filthy than mine but either way its purely avoided during visits //

// Jim's alarm every. single. morning. I swear its horrible; one time it was the Orc song from LOTR and it would freak me out so its some  person with a huge accent singing something and its just odd but SO LOUD my heart races until I can get him wake up and turn it off //

// I have done this; I'm guilty. Its mainly because its cold out from under the covers and I would rather just sleep instead...some things can wait //

// I hate my kids homework, literally, hate it. Why does someone need to have 100 crayons to give out to their 10 friends?! side story- my daughter is doing decimal multiplication in 5th grade, last night she's sitting at the table and informs me that she knows how to do simple math, daddy knows what that is but, I'm not sure you do...HUH?!; so, I hate math...I give up. White flag... //

// all the time, basically because your talking too loud and I can hear you so I will listen...and then give myself an opinion from myself because I am NOT chiming in on your story. //

// I did this when I was kid, you know you did too //

// why is there no off switch that's reachable without opening the toy? //

// yep, to every single package that comes in the mail; apparently the regular tape isn't good enough, so now they use tape with thick fibers instead so you cut your own finger off trying to open it //



  1. I hate math too! Sometimes I think to myself, have I ever used this in my five years of work experience. NOPE. Don't know why I need to know this for my MBA.

    1. Thanks for stopping by; I completely agree with the whole math thing, I mean the math they use today is quite different than what I was taught and I will say I have never used more than the basics for anything...


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