Tuesday, October 13, 2015

If I Got Stuck in an Elevator | The 2 People I'd Like to be Stuck With

First of all, I'd never be stuck in an elevator because I am afraid of them for that very reason; however I thought this was a neat question and gave it some thought...

I couldn't choose my mom because she is more scared of an elevator than I am plus the whole claustrophobia thing would set in and well that would just not be any fun at all. 

I wouldn't choose my kids or any kids for that matter, we don't need all that crying. 

I shouldn't choose my husband because well, we all know where that one would attempt to go...

So that leaves me with random people to choose from. 

I would choose a comedian, probably someone like Anjelah Johnson or Ellen DeGeneres; because lets be honest, I'd need help making light of the situation.

I'd also choose an Engineer, because this person may be able to break us out from the inside...it takes smarts that I just don't have so why not have someone who knows what the heck they are doing on the inside for the break out?! And if it fails and they can't break us out then I have the comedian who can make light of the situation until someone can open the door. 

Who would you choose if you were stuck in an elevator?


  1. Maybe this will get you on Ellen's show ;)

    1. lol, I love watching her show sometimes but I have no interest in being on the show for real...I don't think I'd make it out of fear...


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