Wednesday, October 14, 2015

My Thoughts in The Blacklist Form | Happy Wednesday!

Ahh, the middle of the week; we're halfway there I am sharing my thoughts in The Blacklist form, which by the way if you have not yet seen this show, its a MUST BINGE NOW kinda thing, Netflix has seasons 1 and 2 in the instant watch and season 3 is on tv now...enjoy below!

//the people that like to talk to me before coffee//

//my response to those people//

 //when I walk into my kids rooms

//when I talk to my husband at any point in the day//

//when my kids ask me to do something when they are grounded//

//when my husband walks in the door and asks about my day//

//just because I am a woman//

 //every time my kids fall//

//when the kids are in trouble//

 //sometimes, exactly what runs through my head having a conversation with my kids and not yet grown adults//

 //When my husband says he'll be home for dinner//

 //when the kids ask if they can stay up longer before bedtime//


  1. My friends talk about this show... this post made me want to watch the show even more now.

    1. The Blacklist is one of the BEST shows on TV right now, I promise you will LOVE it once you start watching...its just amazing!


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