Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Why I Hit The Gym

  1. If I don't force it and make it a daily thing, I just won't continue to go; the less excuses the better...
  2. Its the season of my sweet tooth; I have decided that carrot cake is the way to go when I want something sweet while Jim and I catch up on the DVR; just a small piece but I bet it packs some calories.
  3. I feel better once I give in and just GO and sweat myself to death...really, its true.
  4. I need that hour for myself; not being selfish or anything but it gives me a whole 60+ minutes to think without interruption.
  5. Free range of the whole dang place...well at the time I go anyways; there is nobody there mid-morning and I can freely venture wherever I please without waiting on machines or equipment.
  6. I have a love of a good cheeseburger, drippings and all.
  7. Its inside; I mean if its hot or cold outside I need somewhere in the middle that has the right temp and well the gym is it...
  8. I can watch TV without having to see Mickey Mouse for the 9,752,641st time...and I can also listen to whatever music I please without fear of a certain small person hearing it. 
  9. It gives my preschooler someone to socialize with other than me and his siblings...our neighborhood doesn't have many small kids his age. 
  10. Did I mention I get an hour alone?!
  11. Why not?! I mean really what besides pounds are you gonna lose?...

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  1. having that time to yourself is key - & worth it all!


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