Friday, October 23, 2015

Win or Lose I Love You | Lysa Terkeurst

Win or Lose I Love You! is a children's book written by Lysa Terkeurst and illustrated by Jana Christy. The book is about a boy named Max and girl named Lulu who decide to put on a field day to their animal friends in the forest; the field day is like any competitive between children, competitive. The animals have some struggles along the way dealing with winning and losing, and Lulu and Max try and help them understand that whether you win or lose you still win in the end because you still have people around who love you no matter what.

The book is hardcover with glossy pages and beautiful illustrations to keep the childs attention throughout the story; the story itself doesn't have any scripture in it however, in the back of the book the author provides a section called 10 Biblical Words of Wisdom Whether You Win or Lose as a reference for parents to help their children who may be struggling with competition in today's world. I feel the book would be a great resource for children who may need a little more help understanding that winning isn't everything and that its ok to lose sometimes and still be a good sport about it; the book says its for children 4-8 which I feel is a good age range for the basis of the book. Highly Recommend

You can purchase a copy of this book over on Amazon; please click here to read my full booklook bloggers disclaimer.

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