Friday, November 27, 2015

Favorite Things Round #01 | Food & Drink

Happy Black Friday!; unlike most people I hate shopping, especially on Black Friday, so I will be snuggled up under a blanket watching movies with my babies all day and eating leftovers while other people get jabbed in the ribs, yelled at, or threw out of stores; ha, I can watch that on the news later! So, here is another Blog Game for you...round #01 here we go!

  1. Favorite fast food restaurant? Firehouse Subs
  2. Favorite ice cream flavor? Vanilla Bean
  3. Favorite chocolate candy? Dove Dark Chocolate 
  4. Favorite fruity candy? Jolly Ranchers
  5. Favorite flavor Starburst? Strawberry
  6. Favorite dish at Olive Garden? Five Cheese Ziti Al Forno
  7. Favorite kind of sushi? None, I don't eat fish
  8. Favorite Asian dish? Chinese Orange Chicken and Rice or Japanese Hibachi Chicken and Rice
  9. Favorite Italian dish? Pasta Anything
  10. Favorite food of all time? A Good Sandwich
  11. Favorite way to cook a steak? Grilled and has to be completely done
  12. Favorite pasta dish? Baked Ziti
  13. Favorite cookie? Oatmeal
  14. Favorite fast food French fries? Shoestring Fries
  15. Favorite cereal? Chocolate Fruity Pebbles
  16. Favorite breakfast food? Biscuits and Gravy with Hashbrowns
  17. Favorite pizza toppings? Philly Cheese
  18. Favorite fruit? Banana
  19. Favorite vegetable? Peppers
  20. Favorite dessert? Cheesecake
  21. Favorite comfort food? Soup with crusty bread
  22. Favorite way to eat bacon? super crunchy on a BLT
  23. Favorite thing at a buffet? bread
  24. Favorite pumpkin-flavored treat? pumpkin roll that my MIL makes
  25. Favorite dish at Thanksgiving? Stuffing or Dressing
  26. Favorite cake? Cheesecake
  27. Favorite ice cream sundae toppings? Walnuts
  28. Favorite thing to cook? Anything in a crockpot
  29. Favorite soda? Pepsi
  30. Favorite alcoholic drink? anything where I can't taste the alcohol
  31. Favorite drink at Starbucks? Vanilla Bean Frapp
  32. Favorite flavor coffee? Vanilla

*answers in bold

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