Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Hump Day Confessions | Fall Edition | Round #04

I'm Linking Up with Alanna from Alanna & CO; come join the fun! 
It's been a few weeks since I last did this link up; lets be real and honest here, I've been busy and had some time off and well, just didn't feel like doing anything really so I took a slight break from blogging during that time; but, life is back to normal so I am linking up for some mid-week  humor to get myself through till Friday...let's get started.

I Confess...

I am on my 2nd cup of coffee this morning | yea I got up at the butt crack of dawn and the house was cold and I had zero desire to be awake so coffee has been my drink of choice as the moment. Don't worry give me another hour or so and I'll crash and need more caffeine to survive the day.

I am wearing leggings | its cold, I'm not going anywhere today, but hey, someone will think I went to the gym today when I go pick up my point for me! 

I hate snow | I do, I cannot stand snow; I mean when its fresh its fine, but once it starts to melt its just annoying, everything and all kids are wet with slush and I am tired of cleaning the floor.

I don't have a Christmas Lust List for myself | let's be real, I don't know what the heck I want; I've not bought myself anything on a lust list in years, and my mom asked me what I wanted this year, my answer, candles and mugs because I use them every. single. day.; she says that's not personal, however, I don't have wants these days, I am pretty content with what I do have and really could care less now that I am a mom. I'd rather them have than myself.

I'm overly excited for the 25 Days of Christmas on ABC Family | It's awful, Jim says he is going to work late so he can miss it and I can't force him to watch it with me...honestly though I am just really excited to watch the shows that came on when I was kid...I could care less about half the stuff they are showing but when its vintage as I call it, I am in 100%...move over kids!

YouTube Music | Why?! I mean Google already has a music app, which if you pay for you get YouTube Red for free which is ad free, so why make another music app? Can't leave well enough alone can we?!

I cannot wait until our NC Vacay this coming Summer | We are going to meet our niece or nephew, my little sister is having her first baby, and needless to say the time cannot pass quick enough for me...I am going crazy waiting. My turn to be the cool auntie! YAY!

I use baby wipes to clean everything | my kids haven't had diapers in some time however, I think wipes suffice to clean up the messes they make and my phone...I keep bags of them everywhere. They are the most useful baby product in my opinion.

I've been debating changing my blog name and design | but I cannot decide what I want to do; too many choices out there.

Friday is my youngests birthday | he will be 4! I am NOT ready people...I may just stay in bed all day with Kleenex...its so bittersweet.

Now that I have shared my secrets its your turn; hop on over to Alanna's blog to read the other confessions and get the low down on the link up! Happy Hump Day!


  1. I use baby wipes all the time too, and I don't even have a baby! They're useful. I'm trying to figure out how to dress up leggings so it's acceptable to wear in the office lol. Thanks for linking up!

    1. Baby wipes are awesome...must have them on hand! As for leggings, my mom wears them with longer tops or knee length dresses and boots or cute always looks nice.

  2. I tried looking for a blog design & ended up more confused then ever & said screw it & left it alone.
    I hate snow with you ... HATE IT & am dreading it.
    Didnt you hear? Yesterday they said 2 cups of coffee is GOOD FOR YOUR HEALTH! YES!

    1. Yea the whole blog design thing is a tough call for me...I have everything currently matching for the most part and since I do my blog myself its more time consuming and for the coffee I am sure they are talking about black coffee which is SO not my kind of coffee, I need sugar and creamer to even make down the ole hatch...

  3. I loove snow! I am a weird winter person.. ha :) This is my first year of not at all knowing what I want for Christmas... so strange. But I have been watching Hallmark xmas movies like they're going out of style. #noshame I haven't checked off NC yet, but I really want to! I've been having some extreme wanderlust this season.. whew! XO - Alexandra

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