Monday, November 09, 2015

Routine Eye Exam | Kids & Glasses

It was a hot summer day; I had planned the kids all an eye doctor appointment months before and today was the day we were going to have everyone's eyes checked since school was starting soon. My daughter already has glasses, but we had never really had the boys eyes checked other than at their yearly physicals at the doctors office, which truly is just not an overall eye exam.

We arrived and checked in, thankfully I had filled out all the paperwork beforehand so I didn't have to take up anymore time doing that, instead I just handed all needed information over to the lady at the counter. A few minutes passed and we were called back into a tiny exam room; the boys were all excited about this new process and to see how their eyes would check out. The older two boys went first and did great, then it was time for the youngest. It was interesting because he is only three and while most kids can tell you things, Oliver is really quiet in new places but, he did his best. They took pictures of his eyes with this really big machine, asked him to name the animals on the wall instead of letters, and measured his eyes. The doctor came in shortly thereafter and said that the older two boys eyes looked perfect, however, Oliver needs glasses. Apparently this kid cannot see a lick, which took me by surprise; the doctor said he cannot see far away which is the same problem that I have. Of course Oliver was very excited about getting his new glasses, we looked at handfuls and finally chose this grayish blue pair, and we had them ordered...we got them the next week and he wore them for about two weeks until we had to go back in for a recheck. At that appointment we decided that he needed different glasses because the pair he had wouldn't stay on his face no matter what they did to size them. Oliver has a very small bridge on his nose, so we decided to go with some that have a strap that go around his head to help them stay in place; he chose an orange pair and a black pair...thankfully, he loves them and thinks they are the greatest things in the world.

As a mom, I cannot express just HOW important it is to take your kids to the eye doctor for a real eye exam; had I went off of what his doctor's office said Oliver still wouldn't be able to see anything. Most eye doctors will see kids from age one and up, plus its generally covered by your insurance, and lots of them offer discounts at certain times during the year.

I also make a big deal over my kids glasses; because in today's world kids and some adults are just mean when a child looks different than another or doesn't fit into their idea of what perfect is.

If your child has to get glasses, hype it up, make a big deal over the style they picked, or the color, or pattern. My son chose a bright orange pair and I chose the black just as a backup, but he wears the orange pair daily and thinks they are awesome. My daughter has a pair that are animal printed on the top half and bright plum on the bottom. I always tell my daughter to choose a pair that she loves, and that it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks; glasses are a statement piece and can say a lot about a person.

Don't forget to explain that some people need glasses because they just cannot see; it doesn't make them weird or any different than anyone else, they just get to wear something awesome to help their eyes not work so hard. They should never feel any different now that they have glasses. You might also want to go over the whole bullying thing again because like I said kids are mean, make sure your kid understands what bullying is and that they should always tell an adult that they feel comfortable with about the problem so it can be handled before it gets out of hand.

If your a teacher, you could always help us parents out by routinely going over differences in class that way kids understand that not everyone is the same; even parents can do this at home, which would help the whole bullying thing too.

All in all, glasses are awesome, you and your kid should rock them like those mismatching socks!

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