Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Sonia Kashuk Fair & Square Eyeshadow Quad | Short Review

This little quad is the second one I picked up while browsing the makeup isles at Target recently; and well with my love of Sonia Kashuk's eyeshadows it just had to be purchased. The Fair & Square Eyeshadow Quad is really pretty, especially this time of year. I love that it has a coral, a pinky coral, a brown, and some glitter; the first shade is a matte with glitter in it, the second is pretty much a pinky coral loaded with glitter, the bottom two shades are satin finish. The first shade is a bit chalky so it has to be blended really well, and the glitter loaded shade has to also be blended well and in the sunlight looks white for some reason, and the bottom two satin shades are just awesome. I have been using the bottom left shade a lot with the cranberry shade from the blushed nudes palette from Maybelline. Overall I really like this one. You can purchase it at Target for $14.

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