Friday, November 06, 2015

This or That Round #04 | Travel | 21 Questions

  1. Cruise or Travel by Plane? Plane
  2. Car or Plane? Car
  3. Car or Truck? Truck
  4. Harley Davidson or Crotch Rocket? Crotch Rocket
  5. Train or Bus? Train
  6. Arctic or Tropical? Tropical
  7. Hot Weather or Cold Weather? Hot Weather
  8. Roses or Sunflowers? Roses
  9. Sunshine or Storms? Sunshine
  10. Spring or Fall? Fall
  11. Moose or Hedgehog? Moose
  12. Snakes or Badgers? Badgers
  13. Hot Tub or Hot Spring? Hot Tub
  14. Art Festivals or Music Festivals? Music Festivals
  15. Disney World or Universal? Disney World
  16. Theme Park or Water Park? Theme Park
  17. Carnival or Circus? Carnival
  18. Zoo or Aquarium? Zoo
  19. Trip or Staycation? Trip
  20. Bowling Alley or Skating Rink? Bowling Alley
  21. Camping or Glamping? Camping
*answers in bold

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