Friday, November 13, 2015

This or That Round #05 | Home & Lifestyle | 20 Questions

  1. Melt Warmers or Candles? Candles
  2. Bathroom Spray or Plug In Air Freshener? Plug In Air Freshener
  3. Staples or Paper Clips? Staples
  4. Fan or Air Conditioner? Fan
  5. Fireplace or Fire Pit? Fire Pit
  6. Electric Light or Natural Light? Natural Light
  7. Mansion or Farm House? Farm House
  8. Smoking or Non? Non
  9. Dogs or Babies? Babies
  10. Dog or Cat? Dog
  11. Facebook or Twitter? Facebook
  12. Calendar or Cell Phone Alerts? Cell Phone Alerts
  13. Store-Bought Gifts or Handmade? Handmade
  14. eBay or Amazon? Amazon
  15. PayPal or Bank Account? Bank Account
  16. Savings or Credit Cards? Savings
  17. Jokes or Sentiments? Sentiments
  18. Riches or Happiness? Happiness
  19. Christmas or Halloween? Christmas
  20. Hang with friends at home or Party with friends out on the town? Hang with friends at home

*answers in bold

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