Friday, December 11, 2015

5 Things For | Friday

Happy Friday Loves! This week has been interesting to say the least; I have been so busy and I honestly think I will get even busier next week...Can you believe Christmas is in 2 weeks?! I just cant. I am so not even ready yet. On another note here are my 5 Things for Friday this week. 

#01 My youngest is actually scared of Owls; yes you read that right, he told me that he doesn't like them because they have black eyes and are wanting to eat me but that he will save me. So I guess I better watch my back.

#02 We bought our kids their first Christmas gift last weekend and it came in two boxes that are bigger and heavier than me; moving them was awful. I really think I should strength train now. 

#03 I was at the Shop the other day and this one customer who comes in pretty often just to say hi came in; this man is always happy, I have a hard time imagining him getting upset; it just made me start to really think about how much we do have to be happy about these days; following that thought, I seen a pin that stated the couple had to wear clown noses while arguing and if they laughed it wasn't worth the argument...Happiness really is a choice. 

#04 I'm struggling trying to figure out what to get my husband for Christmas this year; why do men have to be so hard to buy for?!

#05 Most of you by now have heard the new song Hello by Adele; well on Black Friday I bought the album and let me just say, I am loving her song called Send My Love...the beat it awesome and the song is really catchy. 

Happy Friday!


  1. I bought Adele on Black Friday myself... & still havent even put it in the player. OOPS

    1. Oh my goodness, I am just now getting a chance to get back to your comment and reply to you, I am SO sorry! I wanted to see if you had the chance to listen to Adele's new album and what your thoughts are on it? Favorite songs?


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