Wednesday, December 30, 2015

I'm Still Here | 2015 Reflections

WOW! Can you believe Christmas is finally over?! Honestly, its one of those times of year that I just cannot wait for it to get here then once its over and I am so glad.

Our Christmas was full of fun and relaxation; we don't live near any family so we don't have to attend anything or go to numerous homes for the holidays...its bittersweet. The first 2 years we lived so far away from family really bothered me, I would get down and sad but now its just normal to me; we've made little traditions with our kids and gotten accustomed to doing things on our own with no schedule...

I did take a very unexpected blogging break; the first week of December was fine, then the middle two weeks we were busy every single day whether it be school functions, band concerts, field trips, work, etc...I just couldn't make time to sit down and truly write anything.

Lucky for you though, I thought of lots of posts that I want to share in the coming months. They may be scattered but hey, I am a wife and mom, sometimes life just happens and I want to be in it too.

Now, with all that said, I wanted to share some of my favorites from 2015 with you.

  • I spent under $100 on beauty products. This is big for me because I am all about ALL THE THINGS. I love makeup, and getting myself together however, a girl can only use so much, especially if she isn't in the business of cosmetology. So, I just stopped buying things; instead I used what I had and sorted through my collection a lot more to make sure I wasn't wasting space. 
  • I went to the gym. We got a really sweet deal for a gym membership and so I started going to the gym; now lets be honest, I kinda lagged around the holiday season but like I said, life happens and I am not a gym rat nor do I desire to be one so its no biggie to me. Just going though is a huge plus for me. 
  • I focused more on myself. I decided to actually in some way find out more about myself. I am a wife and mom obviously, so I think most women forget who they are and what they like and focus on everyone else rather than themselves, and towards the middle of the year I chose to just stop that nonsense and learn that it's ok to have time for myself. 
  • I focused more on my marriage. Its hard to remember after so long of doing the same ole things in your day to day lives that your spouse married you before life really happened and so its nice to just let go and have dates, joke around, flirt, or whatever it is without stressing about your current life situations. Since my husband works 5-6 days a week we only see each other for maybe 2 hours before bed, Saturday afternoons, and Sunday so that time is precious time to me that I don't want to share with everyone else. 
  • I focused more on my kids. Just like with my husband, my kids are not home the majority of their time either, well except my preschooler. The others go to school and have after school programs until 4:30 sometimes so I get maybe 3 hours with them before they need to be in bed in the afternoons, so I chose to handle everything I needed to when they aren't home so I can give them time with me as well. We had time for library trips, dinner dates, movies, games, family outings,  etc...just plain ole family time. 
  • I didn't feel obligated to my blog; my blog is not a business, its just my life, plain and simple. If I have something to say, great, if not, then well I don't. I chose to not feel obligated to write anything. ITS OK. Surprisingly my audience grew over this past year. No, not huge but it did, and I am happy with that. 
  • My kids all got a year older
  • Our business grew
  • I read a few books
  • My sister got married
  • I'm gonna be an aunt
  • We paid off some debt
  • My daughter got into a gifted program
  • I watched a few good movies
  • Lots of date nights
  • All my family is alive and breathing
  • We got to see my husbands parents and meet our niece for the first time
  • I hung out with a good friend a few times

I am sure I could list a few more but I think this list is pretty good for now. I hope you all had a great 2015 too.

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