Tuesday, December 29, 2015

My Name is Mahtob | Mahtob Mahmoody | BookLook Bloggers Review

My Name is Mahtob is a book written by Mahtob Mahmoody; its the story of the girl who was the center of the 1991 movie "Not Without My Daughter".  The book tells the story of the little girl and how her life has been since.

I have never seen the movie that inspired this book, honestly, I have never heard of it. I was only around 3 or 4 when it came out. I chose this book to review because I love books that are based on real events and hearing the story from a first person account. The story is about how Mahtob recounts her life and overcame all the obstacles that started when she was such a young child; Her father left the US when she was small and on a visit to see him he wouldn't let her and her mother leave, he basically held them hostage in a country that was at war. When they did finally flee from him and returned to the US, Mahtob spent much of her life in fear of being taken back to Iran by her father, and feeling guilty that she couldn't see others in her family, all while hating her father's country. It goes on to show how she has overcame those obstacles in her life to become a brilliant young woman, who is fulfilling a wonderful life all her own.

This book is truly heartwarming; its nice to see how someone overcame such a trial in life to become a good person who has a big heart for those around her. The book is hardcover with a sleeve, it has 32 chapters overall which are short and easy to follow and read. The ending has letters between her and others in her life which are interesting to read and I am sure a great part of her initial healing process. Overall, I really like this book and highly recommend it to others who already know the base story. I still need to see the movie or read her mothers book to get a full grasp.

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