Thursday, December 31, 2015

New Year's Eve | 2016 Goals

As I sit here and type this, New Years is not that far away. Many of you are getting ready and celebrating with family and friends tonight; your deciding on what you are for sure taking to that gathering, some are looking for that designated driver, some may not be going anywhere and just gonna watch the ball drop in NYC from the comfort of your couch. Me, I am just gonna be home, celebrating with my family; we may play a few board games and watch the ball drop 2 hours before New Years is even in our time zone, I will most likely text my mom a few times. We aren't having anything fancy for dinner either. Its just gonna be relaxed. 

Today, as we are stepping into a whole new year, I wanted to share some of my goals with you for 2016.

  • Read More | You guys, I have a stack of magazines that just keeps growing and I really want to read them. Some may be old news but, I haven't time to even pick through them yet. Not to even mention the few books I want to read, or think I want to read. Audio books anyone?!
  • Hit the Gym | my goal is at least 3 times a week, I can't go every single day but I know I can go at least 3 days so that is what I am shooting for. And no, its not for weight-loss, while I would like drop a few pounds, just going to the gym for an hour makes me feel better about myself. 
  • Volunteer at my kids schools | My oldest will be starting Middle School in the Fall and I want to volunteer more and help in their classrooms when teachers need it. Hopefully I can make that happen with a preschooler.
  • Eat Healthier | I won't nix eating out, but I can make better food choices. I am not dieting, the base word of that is die ;)  but I can eat better. 
  • Drink more Water | I hate water, so this will be huge for me. My phone has a tracker for water intake so I am gonna use it. 
  • Get Outdoors More | While I love the outdoors, sometimes I can come up with excuses to not be outdoors, and so I am gonna make no excuses and just get out there. Plus I can tan so its a win win for everyone.
  • Teach my Kids to Cook | They all want to be in the kitchen, so I am gonna let them come up with a dinner they can make and let them each have their one night a week they can make dinner with my help. For example, Gaby gets a night in the first week of the month, Andrew gets a night in the second week of the month and so on...I have four kids so they will each have a night over the month. Plus its good for the boys, it will be a plus when they get married.
  • Less Nights with the TV | I want to invest more nights talking and playing board games, coloring, reading books, or whatever with my kids. 
  • Make Time for Phone Calls with Family | I don't get to talk to my family as much as I would like, so I am gonna make more time to call my sister and grandma. 
  • Blog More | This should be obvious, but I want to blog more, more real life, more about myself, more about the things that actually matter. This blog is my real life, I want you to see it, I want to remember it, and I want my kids to remember things as well. I want to be unique to myself when it comes to this little spot. 
What are your goals for the coming year? Anything you really really want to plan for yourself?

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