Thursday, December 10, 2015

Things I'm Loving This Christmas Season

The few weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas are my favorite for so many reasons. I don't know why it makes me have so many emotions all balled up in one but it does. This year instead of focusing on the things that I want or that I'm really missing, I am choosing to embrace the things I have and new memories that we will making...Today I wanted to share the things I am loving so far.

Coffee | obviously; but I love it especially when its frigid outside and the first few sips just warm your body up...

Baking | while I am not a pro or anything I do love to whip up breads and cookies this time of year; the whole house smells amazing and you get to enjoy some yummy treats with family or friends. 

Old Time Holiday cartoons | I love the 25 Days of Christmas on ABC Family, however the only ones I DVR for my kids are the vintage ones; I grew up watching them and think that while they aren't fantastic in graphics they are really good stories that mean a little more than the new stuff.

Board Games | we love these all year, but there is something about watching it snow curled up playing board games with kids and hearing all their laughter that melts my heart. 

Seeing our Christmas Tree up | this is something more and more each year; all the ornaments that are on it are ones from my childhood plus the ones from years since for all of our family; my mom always gets us each a new ornament every year and so I never buy new ornaments in bulk, I carry on my moms tradition and let my kids pick out one ornament for our tree and it joins all the rest. No two ornaments are the same.

Holiday Lights | Seeing the lights around the holidays warms my heart and brings back so many memories; I love seeing my kids faces light up as they start seeing all the lights around our neighborhood and while we are driving around the city...

The Christmas Countdown | I am no fan of Elf on the Shelf, my kids know the story of Santa but we don't do presents from him or celebrate him on Christmas. This year I chose to do a Christmas countdown where each night through Christmas they would have some sort of Christmas activity, I put them all in envelopes and they get to open the dated one for the day each morning before school. It gives them something to look forward to and helps create family time. 

Christmas Cards | I love getting and sending Christmas Cards every year; this year the kids got to send their own to their grandparents and watching them choose each card for someone was priceless; we like to hang ours up the back of our front door each year...

Christmas Music | this year it was playing starting at the beginning of November, however I started playing it around Thanksgiving in the house and it is fun listening to the kids sing the songs and talk about how old some of the songs really are. 

Decorating the Shop | while I am not at our business every day, that's my husband's baby, I do love the ability to go and put up the Christmas tree and get it looking a little more Christmas-y for the season. It's nice to put a ladies touch on something that is usually for the men in our lives. 

Basically, I'm loving the Christmas season and all the little things that are around me. I hope you are taking time to slow down and actually enjoy the season as well. Happy Holidays!

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