Monday, January 04, 2016

All The Things | I've Learned From My Husband

I did a music post last week and stated that I had never heard some of those songs until I met my husband; it got me thinking about just how much I had really learned since Jim and I started dating in 2006. Obviously now, we are married; so I've learned a lot more over the years than I had even expected. 

How to Pump Gas | Seriously, I had no idea how to do this. My dad was the only man in our house for a really long time, my parents are divorced, so when I say dad, I am talking about my step-dad; I lived with my mom and so my dad had 3 girls around all the time, he took it upon himself to always make sure we had gas in our cars. When Jim and I started dating and eventually moved in together to our first apartment, I had to learn to do this and lucky for him he had to teach me. 

How to Make a Killer Roast Beef Sandwich | Jim's mom is a wonderful cook, he watched and learned a few things from her over his life when it came to the kitchen, however, I never learned to cook until we moved in together; Neither of my parents were big on cooking so it was all new to me; One night Jim decided to cook and he wanted to make a Roast Beef Sandwich, of course I had only ever had one from Arby's so I wasn't sure on how it would turn out. Let me just say, its was AMAZING, and it was also way simple. He taught me to do it and now when I visit my sister its her #1 request. 

Music | I listed to music my whole life, however being where I am from, music is pretty much rap so I never listened to certain types of music before other than what I referred to as "oldies" because my parents listened to it. When Jim and I started dating he has a very vast relationship with music, he played drums, and well he was all about beats so to speak. He introduced me to quite a few people and the three right off the top of my head are Lynyrd Skynyrd, Buckcherry, and The Gorillaz...

Camping | I had never went camping until we got together. My family is all beach people, so when Jim decided we were going camping I'm sure you can imagine the look on my face and questions going through my head. The first trip we took was a family trip, our kids were 2-3 and 15 months at the time. I had a huge fear of someone running off or being stolen or getting eaten by a bear; not to mention the spiders or snakes...loads of questions. However, nothing happened and it was a great time. I learned what a s'more was and how to build a fire. I had a great time. 

The Joy of a Fire Pit | When we moved into a rental house, it had a great spot for a fire pit. Jim took it upon himself to make one, nothing fancy, but it had a nice spot to sit and then of course the fire. We spent many a night sitting outside by a fire just talking about life and sharing stories...It was nice to me because I got undivided attention and at the time we didn't have tv or smart phones so it was an escape so to speak. I loved sitting there listening to stories from his life. his hopes, his dreams and sometimes sharing my own while listening to the crackle of a fire with a cool breeze and watching the stars. Something really you only think about seeing in movies but it was real for me and one of the best memories I have.

A Suit is a Guys Best Friend | Obviously, most women like the fact that guys look amazing in suits; however, men think they can take on the world in a suit. I will just say Jim looks pretty good in a suit when he wears one. Growing up I always thought only seriously important people wore suits, I didn't think your typical man could wear a suit and get away with it until Jim put on a suit. There is value in a good suit, they are good for a mans soul.

Facial Hair | Some women like it, some don't. When we met, Jim had a goatee; over time he shaved it off here and there and each time he shaved it I got a bit sad...I didn't realize how much I liked his facial hair, not to mention when he shaves he looks like a young teen...Now, he has a full fledged man beard and its the most amazing thing I have seen...He gets told he looks like Aaron from Fast N Loud...Whats funny about that is we own a Transmission Shop. I love his beard.

Movies | I have never been a movie lover, that is until I met Jim. He is a lover of movies, his whole family is, so its natural that he would be too. We watch movies a few times during the week and I have grown to love some good ones myself.

That it's ok to say No | I was always a person who never said No to anyone, I would stretch myself way beyond my limits to help and do things for others and completely forget about myself until I wanted to explode or would break down in tears because I felt overwhelmed. Jim finally got it through to me that its completely ok to admit when I just cant do something or really just don't want to without feeling guilty. So, basically its ok to be selfish with my time and what I choose to do with it.

To Have Fun | When I was younger I was the funny bone in most friendships, I didn't care what others thought of me until I hit high school...I started being someone I wasn't and stopped being true to me except in the shadows. When I met Jim I was really far gone, I did everything I could to not embarrass myself and lets just say that went downhill pretty quickly because he has a humorous personality. I learned pretty quickly to just have fun and not care what others think of me in the moment, laughing at yourself is good for your soul.

Unplanned Road Trips are a "Thing" | I am a serious planning person, down to every single detail. I don't love spur of the moment things and he is the complete opposite. We have taken many unplanned road trips in our lives together; Many of them he doesn't even plan the gas on, so needless to say we've had to find the humor in the moment and let life happen. I can say I wouldn't trade any of those road trips for anything. They open you up to endless talks, laughter, and the ability to try and see new things.

Men really Don't ask for Directions | I always thought that was in the movies thing, until I met Jim. He thinks he knows all when it comes to those unplanned road trips and he typically wont ask for directions until he realizes I am gonna be in total meltdown mode if he doesn't. I guess its really a guy thing of controlling a situation...its odd to me, but hey, I am the one who takes the same road everywhere, I never veer from my normalcy.

Men truly are Big Kids | This I didn't understand until we wen't camping, or the many times I've seen his face near a fast car, motorcycle, or dirt bike. The pure joy in his eyes is like a kids at Christmas...pure excitement and no fear of the unknown. Its completely priceless.

Values & Manners Matter | I never really had values before I met Jim; he did though. The things that mattered to him and how he treated people were two of the things that attracted me to him in the first place. Over time I've acquired some of them myself and how I treat people is way better than my immature teen self.

I'm sure this list could go on forever, but these are high points of things I've learned from my husband. I know over the coming years I will learn so much more and I look forward to that. I caught a great catch and while my life may not be what I expected it to be that is just fine with me; I am happy, I have a life most don't and I get to experience it with my best friend...

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