Wednesday, January 13, 2016

I Want Them To Remember

As I sit here, its snowing, its a frigid 20 degrees outside and my mind is wondering to places of the unknown. I sometimes wonder what people will remember about me when I am gone, what will they think of me, what stories will they share, what will make them remember me...I think about my daughter and my three boys, my husband, my family, friends...I wonder how much longer God will grant me the air to breathe to be able to go through each day with the ones I love so so much...Nobody on this earth really knows when their time will come, no matter their religion, time is on no ones side. That is just a fact of life. 

Heaven forbid anything happen to me, thank goodness I am alive and healthy, but if it did, at this very moment, here are a few things I would want people to remember about me. 

My Kids | I would want them to remember just how much I loved them, how happy they made me from the moment they were brought into this world, and just how many smiles they planted on my face each day. I would want them to remember all the fun we had with each other from picnics to library trips to everything in between. They are my life. My Girlie, always keep your beautiful spirit, its free and don't let anyone take that from you; always listen to your father no matter what you think, he knows way more than you do about this life and he could most likely tell you the exact thing I would say to you...Wait for that boy who makes you weak in the knees, he is out there searching for you too, follow your heart and always be kind...My Boys, be respectful, don't date a girl unless you plan to marry her, use your manners, and follow your heart not your mind or the crowd. If you think I would have an issue with it than your most likely right, ask your dad; learn to cook a handful of meals, your future wife will appreciate that.

My Husband | I would want him to know that I love him to the depths of my soul; that he made me so so happy; that I am beyond happy to have gotten to share a part of my life with him and that I don't regret a single second of it. I would want him to know how thankful I am that he chose me to part of this journey with him. Nothing made me happier than listening to his stories, being curled up in blanket laying on his chest and listening to him breathe, and all of life's moments that I got to be part of...Make sure my sweet girl gets my wedding ring, it was my moms and I want that passed to her, and my pearls, they are a girls best friend; also, keep her in line, she will chase after things in life like a rebel, I know because I was her age once...and make sure the boys know how to cook, please, I know you struggle yourself but I want them to know how, keep them in line, I want them to be amazing human beings one day and they have at least a few good men to look up to for that.

My Mom | I would want her to know that I love her, that I am thankful for everything she has ever did for me and my family. She is my best friend even through the tough times and I thankful that I got to learn about life from her. I would want her to be happy rather than sad, to keep going in life and choose happiness.

My Sister | I would want her to know that I loved her and that she is one of my best friends in this life. I am so happy to have gotten to watch her grow up and turn into this beautiful young woman she is today who is soon to be a mother...I would want to her to know how thankful I am to be an aunt and that I love that baby almost as much as my own. I would want her to remember all the fun we had as kids and all the stories we've shared as women....

Most of all I would want everyone to be happy, make sure my kids are happy, keep my boys in line and feed my daughters free spirit...know that I loved each and every single one of you more than I could ever put into words...

AHH, just typing this put me in tears...I cannot imagine how they will remember me or what they would do without me. I hope they all live their lives to the fullest and follow the paths that God has for each of them whether I am here or not. 

When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left, and could say "I used everything you gave me" ...| Erma Bombeck |

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