Monday, January 11, 2016

If I Could Talk To My Younger Self

Have you ever thought about your younger self and wondered if you had known the things you know in life now if would have turned out differently for you? I'm almost 28 years old, and I always wonder about how things might have been differently if I had known things I know in my older years.

If I could in some way pass word to my younger self, here are a few things I would tell her...

Don't follow the crowd | just because others are happily following along, just don't. One day you will wish you had followed your heart rather than the whispers of others in your ear. Your heart will lead you places that whispers will not. Just be original.

Be friends with everyone | don't judge people; this was really never an issue of mine, but there were people I never spoke to, I wish I had the ability to go back and just be friends with people I passed in those locker filled hallways.

Stay at Moms | I wish I had lived with my mom my whole high school life; I might have met my husband sooner, I might have finished out school running track, I might have stayed away from certain people, I might have done a lot of things differently; not mention I would have had my two best friends with me the whole time.

Boys can wait | I dated quite a few people in my high school life, I broke a few hearts and had mine broken a few times too. If I could just tell my younger self that in just a few more years you'll meet that boy who makes you weak in the knees I would have waited a little longer for that first kiss or first date.

Don't cut your hair | you will hate it; let that stuff grow girl, and keep the blonde. I wish I had never cut or dyed my hair darker. Had I knew how much I would miss it I would have never done anything drastic to it.

As I sit here and think about those five pieces of advice I would have given my younger self I know that they are silly in a way, I know that if I had changed just one thing about that time in my life I would not be living the life I am today; and I am so in love with what I have today that no matter what I wouldn't change the hard road I've been on for anything. I'm proud of who I have became, where I've been, and most of all where I will go now that I know a lot of the important lessons in life. 

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