Friday, January 08, 2016

Photo Story Vol. 01 | Oliver

My sweet Oliver, this picture is from your 4th birthday. You were SO excited that day, you woke up asking if we could eat your birthday cake for breakfast. Of course that didn't happen, I made you orange pancakes instead, you were in awe that they were orange and had to tell everyone they were getting orange pancakes for breakfast. We had saved all your cards and presents for after dinner, but you did gets some money from various people so we decided to let you have that early and took you on a trip to Toys R Us; you roamed the isles and couldn't make up your mind. I think you picked up every single toy on the shelves from cars to stuffed animals; we finally found the Mickey Mouse section, and see nobody would know just how much you love Mickey Mouse, its a love like no other. Mickey Mouse has been a favorite of yours since before you could walk, your room is Mickey Mouse themed and we have had many nights of watching Mickey Mouse until you fall asleep in my arms or on the couch. 

You picked up Mickey Mouse mini-figures, a few different themed toys, and you finally decided on a Mickey Mouse RC car; of course I wasn't so happy with your choice for fear it would be tossed to the side once you opened it, however, you actually loved it. When we got home you spent a good while zooming it around the house, bumping it into things, and chasing the dog with it. You thought that was the best part, poor Molly had no idea what to just exploded with laughter and so did we. 

Our other events for the day included bowling at your favorite place, The Bass Pro Shop; of course you had to stop and see all the fish they had in the aquarium first, then we got nachos and bowled for two whole hours...You had a blast, and so did we. It was priceless watching you squat and roll the ball down the lane, you even stole a few of my turns but that was ok. For dinner we took you to our new favorite place to eat out, Bubba's...You got your usual of chicken tenders and fries, but you could barely eat for watching all the sports on the tv's that lined the whole place. I think we watched a few different football games, boxing, and music videos. Its just a relaxed atmosphere. 

When we got home we had cake and you opened the rest of your presents; you got the new Max Tow monster truck and a baseball set with bases; when it was time for bed you put each thing in your room to keep it "safe" and got all tucked asked for the Mickey Mouse Car so I gave it to you, and for the next 30 minutes all I heard was giggles and the car bumping into things in your room. You finally fell asleep with the control in your little hand. 

The thing that nobody would know about this picture is how much my heart exploded that day...It was a day that I was so happy to see you grow another year, but yet so sad to see that you are no longer a baby or toddler, you don't need me to help you as much as you've become so independent and thinking of all the years that have passed us by just makes it bittersweet for me. That will never change. That's just part of motherhood my dear boy, something one day only your wife will understand. I can say, that while my heart exploded, watching you enjoy your special day made it all worth it; the pure happiness in your eyes all day was well worth every single minute of it. You have filled my life with such a joy that't not even explainable. I am beyond happy that I have gotten to see you turn 4 and I cannot wait to experience this year with you. Mama loves you. 

If you have a Mickey Mouse lover in your family, this car is a really good buy. I highly recommend it. You can purchase it over on Amazon and I believe Toys R Us still has it as well so check your local retailer.

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