Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Strengths & Weaknesses

Strengths and Weaknesses, we all have them. Have you ever filled out a form and it asks you to list your strengths and weaknesses?! I have, its honestly one of the hardest things to do; its hard to talk about yourself in a raw form to people sometimes. Today I wanted to be raw with you and share five of each; you know we are all human here so mine will be different than yours or maybe we may have some the same, nevertheless we all have them. 

Strength #01 | I am a talker | I think this comes in handy when you are trying to help people out who tend to live in their shells a bit; being open to opening yourself up so they know your an equal is comes easily for me.

Strength #02 | I dislike confrontation | I will not argue with you unless I feel its super important, typically I just let you figure it out yourself and just go on, there are more important things happening in my life to argue with you.

Strength #03 | I'm a giver | I would rather give than receive any day; giving you something you need or sometimes want makes me extremely happy.

Strength #04 | I'm Dependable | If you need me, I will be there; if you ask for my help, a listening ear, etc I can do that, not to mention I hate being late so I am usually early.

Strength #05 | I'm Resourceful | I can make things work generally depending on what I have, which comes in handy with motherhood.

Weakness #01 | I'm a talker | this one gets away from me sometimes, and at those times I talk too much. Generally I can avoid it but sometimes it slips away.

Weakness #02 | I am a controller | I like to plan everything, every last detail, over the years I have let go a bit but it still bites me sometimes.

Weakness #03 | Math | I can do basic stuff but anything past that gets me. I don't do good crunching numbers.

Weakness #04 | I can't multi-task mentally | you can't give me a list of ten things to do and let me run with it, especially if it involves talking to people; I need complete clarification on things before I do them.

Weakness #05 | Talking to new people | I get really nervous meeting new people; while I am almost 28 this still bugs me. I am not a conversation starter but I can finish one if need be.

What are some of your strengths and weaknesses?

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