Monday, January 18, 2016

Tried & Tasted | White Hot Chocolate | Recipe Review

During the winter months we tend to drink our fair share of hot chocolate; usually I just buy the mixes from the store and the kids love it but me not so much, the powders don't mix well and it just doesn't taste so great. This year I wanted to make good homemade hot chocolate, so I took to Pinterest and really dug into a few recipes, I finally found one using white hot chocolate rather than milk chocolate so its different than your general take on hot chocolate...Today I am going to share my thoughts on the one we ended up trying out. 

The recipe comes from Ali over at Gimme Some Oven, Homemade White Hot Chocolate; I've tried a few of her recipes before but never came across this one. The recipe is super easy and only calls for 3 ingredients! I have 4 kids so to make this for a whole round including us 2 adults I double it, plus we have huge cups so that makes a difference as well. I love that the recipe is easy to follow, simple, and uses things we generally have on hand this time of year, not to mention its versatile; you could throw in some peppermint extract or what have you and have something awesome. My kids loved it and I think yours will too. Head over and grab this recipe, its a cookbook staple! 

Thank You Ali for sharing such an awesome recipe, its SO good! 

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