Friday, February 05, 2016

Five Things for Fri-YAY

YAY, it's Friday! Anyone else excited for the weekend? It's been a long week cooped up in the house thanks to a snowstorm...thankfully the part of CO we live in, while it was bad, it wasn't anything massive other than the fact I literally couldn't go anywhere and school was closed. 

Today, I want to share my 5 Things for Fri-YAY with you so you can get on to your weekend! 

01. That's my backyard; the snow was over a foot and so I was stuck indoors with my 4 little loves. So long work for the week! We binge watched a few movies, cleaned the house, and spent our days in our pajamas. 

02. They braved the cold and went outside to build a fort under the trampoline. These two stayed out the longest, the other two came back inside and played games after about 15 minutes. Gah, they are growing up way too fast for me you guys! 

03. Tuesday was Jim's birthday so I decided to make him a cake, a homemade cake that is. I browsed Pinterest until I found the perfect one and let me just say it was DELICIOUS! Cake Recipe Icing Recipe Jim loved every bit of the cake which made me happy but honestly you guys, I will NEVER again buy a boxed chocolate cake mix, this one is amazing, even the icing is super simple!

04. I'm super excited for Valentines Day; mostly because my kids get super excited and I love making them little treats and hearing about their school parties. I have been looking on Pinterest for Printable Valentines Day cards and there are so many options that I just cannot decide. Do you buy boxed Valentines Day cards or do you let your kids make their own? 

05. Since my kids got tablets for Christmas my phone is all back to my OWN; I deleted all their little stuff and put some new things on their for myself. I like playing games on my phone, its a good time waster when I don't want to watch TV and I'm listening to podcasts or music; I have found that I have been loving the Ketchapp Games, currently my favorites are Pinball, Walking Pet, and Swing. The other game I have been loving is called Angry Birds POP Bubble Shooter; Jim and I like to play these and see who can get the farthest, its really fun. What games do you play on your phone?

I hope you all have a fantastic Fri-YAY! 

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